Can a PCMB student do well in Computer Science/Information Science Engineering?

PCMB to Engineering is one change most of us have to experience. Are you planning to pursue a degree in computer science or IT engineering?

Are you planning to pursue a degree in computer science or IT engineering? So a lot of you might be thinking if you can shine in this field if you are from a biology or PCMB background in your Pre University. Let me tell you. Even I studied PCMB in my 11th and 12th and now I’m in my second year of engineering. So even I have gone through your stage and I can understand your present situation and here is a short article to motivate you and to help you get out from the pressure.

My Story – Computers in my life

So, first of all, let me tell you my story. Not an autobiography but yeah a short one 🙂 . My dad bought a computer for me when I was in 2nd standard. Since then I am very much fascinated by computers and in common, technology. Further, I started getting interested in Ethical Hacking. I just used to search google on how to get my friend’s wifi password, Facebook password, etc. Yeah most of them have done it.

Start of Python Programming

One day while watching videos on youtube, I found a video that suggested all ethical hackers learn Python. This was the time when I was in my 9th class. So I was not that matured at that time and so yeah, I started Python and mixed up everything and couldn’t concentrate on it, to be honest. So like this, my journey started, and then came 11th and 12th class. Everyone from my family told me to take up PCMB. It was made compulsory to me so that I can choose between Medical Science (Biology) or Engineering (CS). OK! :/

11th and 12th PCMB Starts

So days passed and I got busy studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. After two years of PCMB and Karnataka CET, finally I was relieved from Biology. Now I proposed to my girlfriend❤… dude I am talking about Computer Science. So we got engaged and I used to spend 10 hours in a day learning Python, working on some WordPress websites, and working on my Youtube channel which by had around 3000 subscribers by this time.

College Started – Biology Stopped

Days passed and it was January 2021 by the time our college started. I had used my time and I had learned basic Python, AI & ML, Digital Marketing, and web development by this time. Then going to college every day, talking with classmates, staff, girlfriends 🙂 I found that even those from Computer Science (PCMC) background find it difficult in the practical part of programming. I’m not saying all of them are like that, but most of them are. So,

“If I can, Why can’t you?”

“Everyone has equal time to become unequal”

And hence, a PCMB (Biology) student can do well in Computer Science/Information Science Engineering.

That said, now I feel I have motivated you a bit at least to do some work in the gap you get after your exams. So how to get started? I will be posting a separate article on that. If required, please let me know in the comment section and make sure to bookmark RichEngineer.

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