Top 5 highest paying Skills for Indians in 2021

These are the top 5 highest paying skills that can be your next source of income. Get started with your financial freedom journey today.

Do you have a solopreneur’s DNA? Want to become a rich engineer? Do you think a less paid 9 to 5 job is not for you? Then these are the top 5 skills that can be your second or primary source of income. Make sure to go through the article and get started with your financial freedom journey.

16th July is youth skills day, which reminds us that we need to upskill our younger generation.

In this article, you will learn where you can learn these skills and how to start earning by putting them into use.

First but not the top most skill – Voice-overs

I know people personally who charge $10000 for a commercial since they are professionals. They have a lot of experiences but even these experienced artists also started from the ground stage.

But if you think your voice is something unique and if you can understand the meaning of the words While reading then, you can be a voice-over artist.

  1. Animations
  2. Audiobooks
  3. Radio
  4. Podcasts
  5. Video games

Voice overs have limitless opportunities today. To become a voice-over artist you will need to learn both speaking and technical skills. There is some free software like Audacity where you can make your voice sound more professional. I learned the skills, now how do I earn money? So check out the website Voice. internationally, people post their voice requirements here. If you are fit for the job you can apply here. The best part of voice-over jobs these days is they need Indian voices even for international projects. And these international companies pay well. And with your good work, you bring 3-4 such good products per month. Yet, assuming you need to treat voice-over seriously a nitty-gritty examination among various voice-over work sites.

2nd in demand Skill – Graphic design.

The graphic design industry is globally worth $45 billion US dollars. The industry is rapidly growing every year. Many businesses are now coming online. They need graphic designers to make their front end attractive. Here are some websites to learn graphic design. Typical sources like YouTube are amazing to learn these skills.

And there are some amazing sources on udemy and skillshare. There is a website called HACKDESIGN which provides 50 first lessons for free! Here you can learn ideas on this site, for instance, what are the standards of good typography? What is the contrast between a decent plan and an awful plan? One more site with the expectation of complimentary courses is where there are a ton Of seminars on programming like Blender, Photoshop, InDesign, and so on. In like manner in the event that you plan T-shirts, Stickers, cushion covers there is a site called

3rd skill which can make you rich – Website development.

Typically, website developers charge around $75 per hour. And to design a beautiful, functional website, some people even charge between $5000 to $10000. Commonly, site designers charge around $75 each hour. Typically, website developers charge around $75 per hour. And to design a beautiful, functional website, some people even charge between $5000 to $10000. But if you can market yourself very well and if you can make a good portfolio for yourself and your professional approach with clients is good forget about the second source of income web development can become your career.

Where do you learn web development there are some free courses on YouTube and udemy. Now, where can you learn these skills on websites like up work or freelancer here you can take projects based on your experience and rate.

4th High Paying Skill – Teaching.

In the 21st century, we need to bring learning to people and not people to learning! You can teach your skills to people and earn money from that. There are many types of skills, managing your time productively is a skill, speaking language is proficiently a skill, staying fit and teaching others fitness is a skill. In any case, with a decent show, you can adapt your abilities, and if your show is your flimsy spot, relax. Go to these sites and do internet showing courses ()assuming you show math and sciences, look at these sites, on the off chance that you can show English you can give 1-on-1 educational costs on link. For wellness or music-related abilities, you can begin your seminar on udemy. Additionally for individual preparing and nourishment, you can produce a pay from 1-on-1 counseling.

5th Skill in Demand – Content writing.

We can rank this ability as the number 1 expertise on the grounds that the substance was important yesterday, it is applicable for business as well and it is pertinent in the future as well. Indeed, the configuration for content composing has certainly Benn changed however assuming you can change over your considerations into composed words, composing has a gigantic bring venture back.

There is a site called Listverse where you can compose bullet point articles for this site. If your article is endorsed by the rundown refrain group, you get compensated $100 per supported article on the off chance that you can write in a particular kind like autos, tech, preparing, style then, at that point, looks at these site called Problogger. you can distantly go after internationals positions here.KIRKUS is one of the most reputed companies which reviews books for authors like a review. This is truly a prestigious thing for most authors. They charge up to $575per review. They need 350 reviews from readers who write well so if you are a book lover even you will get paid for expressing your opinion. There are a lot of that can help you make money.

Coronavirus changed the world last year alongside our wellbeing, our economy was additionally affected. In the long stretch of April and May 2020, 23% of our populace was abruptly jobless. This featured a major issue of reliance a few experts are so subject to the predictability that in case there are any progressions in things universally their lives wound up getting upset and obviously could foresee COVID-19. We should insight in our own lifetimes. That is we ought not just spotlight on our fundamental calling we likewise need to zero in on side hustles also for the improvement of life.

” If you are young, you have time in your life. Use this time to change your life. “

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