Can 2021-22 financial year give high returns in the Indian stock market?


When the Covid-19 pandemic spread across all over the world, each and every sector suffered huge losses. Indian stock market (Sensex) also faced a sudden downfall from 37,000Rs to 27,000Rs in the year 2020.

By slowly as the covid cases start decreasing, All the sectors took a new birth for their business. The Sensex also started rising day by day, and it crossed value of 50,000Rs during the begininng of 2021.Indian stock market recovered the downfall. Recently Sensex reached all time peak value of 60,000Rs and its showing a constant rise from the downfall.

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By seeing the previous years performance and the changes made by the Government of India in the industrial, financial, banking,.. fields .We can have a strong hope that the Sensex may continue the same constant rising nature for the upcoming years. This can be the right time for the investors for investing to generate high returns for long term investment.


During 2021-22 many IPO’s are listed. A lionshare of the IPO’s listed during these years gave good returns.

Recently Paras Defence And Space Technologies Ltd. released it’s IPO at a bidding price 165Rs-175Rs ,on first day it was listed at 469Rs with 168% gain. It’s still rising with a constant breakthroughs.

Still many big companies are releasing their IPO’s which are going to be listed in few days.They can fill the investor’s pocket.


Before investing or buying the IPO’s, please go through the companies revenue path’s, previous financial year performances, profit, loss and companies present condition.