Top 10 Viral Event Blogging Scripts Free Download [Blogger & WordPress]


Do you want to earn money by setting up event blogging websites using free WhatsApp viral HTML or PHP scripts?

If you really want to make money this way, then you are at the right place. Creating a festival based wishing niche website and making money without any investment is a great idea. Most of them have made $500+ just with these free scripts. I strongly feel you are going to be the next one 🙂

Before we continue, do you really know what is event blogging? Are you experienced with setting up blogger websites? Do you know how you can earn money from these free scripts? Do you know affiliate marketing combined with even blogging can make you a lot of money?

If not, then wait! I suggest you to follow this article till the end to get it right. But if you have answers to all of those questions listed above, then you can go directly to the end of this article and download the top 10 viral event blogging scripts for free. Having said that, let’s get started on the journey of making money by event blogging.

top 10 Viral Wishing Scripts Free Download
Top 10 Viral Wishing Scripts Free Download

What is Event Blogging?

It is a niche in the blogging field where the blogger selects any particular event, for example, a festival and creates a blog which focuses only on that particular event. So if we are setting up a blog which only talks about Diwali festival, then this blog is said to be an event blog. So, if we setup a blog which helps users to wish Happy Diwali to their loved ones, then it is also known as event blogging. Some of the examples of the used scripts are:

To conclude, event blogging is a way to make huge money in just one or two days. I hope you get the point here. So now, knowing what is event blogging, you might get a doubt about how you can start earning money online from these freely available scripts.

How to earn money from event blogging scripts?

There are a lot of ways through which you can earn money using the event blogging scripts available for free download on our website. Some of the most common ways are:

The good news is that, all of the php and html scripts provided on our website are compatible with all of the above monetization ways and are totally free to download.

Event Blogging Scripts Free Download 2021

You can download all of the top 10 event blogging scripts for free. All of them are coded in PHP and HTML. You can set them up on WordPress or blogger or your own hosting and start earning today. Please click the required link to download your file:

Note: All scripts have been collected from other websites. We haven’t created or edited any script listed on our website. Richengineer or myself will not be responsible for any damage caused. If there is any problem with the script, let us know via the contact page. We will take action immediately.

Don’t know how to set up these top 10 free event blogging scripts on blogger? Then follow this article.

How to Upload event blogging scripts for free on Blogger?

1. Open your browser and go to

2. Sign in to your Google account and link it up with Blogger

3. Choose a name for your Blog – I suggest you to name it similar to the event name for SEO

event blogging scripts free download

4. Choose a domain name with Blogspot subdomain or you can always purchase a primary domain if required

event blogging scripts free download

5. Confirm your display name which is displayed to readers and then click finish.

top 10 Viral Wishing Scripts Free Download

6. Click on Theme in the left side panel.

whatsapp viral scripts free download

7. Click on the down arrow button next to Customize.

top 10 Viral Wishing Scripts Free Download

8. Click on Edit HTML to edit the script

viral scripts and earn money

9. A window like this will show up. Delete all the code and replace it with the required script which is available for free download from our website. You can include the advertising code snippets at required places.

top 10 Viral Wishing Scripts Free Download

10. Then click on save button in the top right corner of the window. That’s it. Congratulations on your new site! The script is now set up on your blogger site. Share your blog link as much as possible and try making it viral on WhatsApp groups so that more people start visiting your website. More visits equals more earning.

Closing up

So, I hope you have got some idea on how you can make money form free event blogging scripts. I think you have already downloaded the script and have setup your website. Make sure to post your doubts and website link in the comment section. Having said that, I request you to share this post with anyone you find may be interested in earning money online by setting up event blogging sites by downloading the scripts for free. Happy Earning 🙂