Learn Python in Kannada – Best Course on YouTube


Do you want to learn python programming in Kannada? Then you are at the right place. In this post I have introduced to my YouTube playlist named Learn Python in Kannada by Uniquota Education where I have taught python programming in Kannada language. This playlist also comes with some small projects which can boost your confidence in coding.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction, Popularity & Real World Applications [Course Outline]
  • Python Installation and PyCharm IDE Download & Setup
  • Getting Started with Python in Kannada | Basic operations & Data Types
  • Variables in Python | Casting and Case-Sensitivity Explained
  • Variables Rules in Python | CamelCase, Pascal Case & Snake Case Explained
  • Strings in Python | Basic Operations, Multiline , Accessing elements
  • Basic Input and Output, Formatted Strings, Simple calculator in python
  • Bool Datatype in Python | True and False in Python | Python Booleans
  • Operators in Python Programming | Comparison & Logical Operators
  • Tuples, Sets & Dictionaries | How do they differ from lists?
  • Dictionaries in Python | Access and Modify elements in a dictionary
  • If, else and elif Statements in Python | Conditional Operators
  • While and For Loops in Python | Branching Statements in Python
  • Functions & User Defined Functions basics in Python

Learn Python in Kannada

Course Description

Learn Python programming in Kannada is a course made for python beginners in the Kannada language. Are you an engineering student or an 8th standard student doesn’t matter, interest to learn python programming is the only prerequisite to learn python from our course. Starting from data types, we will teach you how to develop custom software and much more. In the middle of the course, we will also have a GitHub course in Kannada which will be beneficial for every one of you.